If the title sounds a bit like a wedding vow to you, it is as intended. After all, signing a contract with a builder to construct a new home for you, or remodel your existing home is, in some ways, very similar to entering into marriage, albeit a very short one.

Although some people do marry their childhood sweethearts, it is much more common for individuals to go through the courting process before entering into a serious relationship. Same can be said for choosing a builder. There is absolutely nothing inherently wrong with having trust in a single builder if you are confident that you’ll be treated fairly by that company but most people will want to speak with several builders prior to settling on the one they would like to manage the project for them. In our opinion, its best to keep the prospects to three or less to avoid confusion.

Since you’ll be entering into a serious relationship, there are certain things that should be considered thoroughly. Although it may seem frivolous, compatibility with your builder should be high on the list of considerations. You will be working with these individuals for around 5 months and that can seem like a very long time if you don’t have good chemistry with your builder.

Depth of experience is another important consideration. Do you want a builder with youthful exuberance but no track record or would you prefer one that has endured the test of time and can present a portfolio full of examples of past successful projects?

As many successful marriages have had their beginning from the couple being introduced by a mutual friend, so it is with relying on suggestions from friends and family who have been through the building or remodeling process. Another resource for testimonials can come from the building company you’re considering. The builder should be able to offer a short list of past customers who would be willing to share with you their experiences with that builder.

It seems obvious that one of the attributes that most people look for in a mate is stability. This should also be the case in seeking a builder. We believe that your builder should be one who has a solid track record with lenders and vendors in the industry. Seeking the opinions of those lenders and vendors will give you a very clear picture of whether the builder has a chronically unstable history or one of consistent reliability.

Aside from good looks, people generally consider intelligence as the characteristic most important in a potential companion. Again this should be the case in selecting your builder, in our opinion. The contractor should be knowledgeable in all facets of the industry from material selections to building methods etc. Closely observe the breadth of knowledge of each contractor and compare how confidently they handle your questions.

Similar to the way we seek out a lifetime companion, using the suggestions above should increase the chances that you’ll find the builder that is best suited for you. Although the time that you spend with the builder on your project is relatively short, the end result is something that will last a very long time. Obviously, selecting the right builder for you is not as important as picking a marriage partner but we feel that being cavalier about your choice of builder can have very long lasting consequences as well.