Making the decision to update or add on to your existing home can be a very frightening move. After all, this is your home where you’ve enjoyed many special moments with family and has been a source of comfort through the years, not to mention, most likely, your greatest investment. Trusting someone to work on your home can be somewhat comparable to having faith in a physician working on a loved one. We are fully aware of this attachment and take very seriously, the bond that one has to home and community.
Lynn will come to your home and listen to your ideas and expectations of what you are trying to accomplish and will offer suggestions and ideas that will ultimately be submitted in plans and specifications. He will make certain that the plans will meet the neighborhood covenants and setback requirements as well as taking great care that the addition conforms to the style of the home. We believe that a room addition should not look like a room addition but rather it should appear to be part of the original home.
Obviously, due to the nature of this type of construction, there are logistical considerations that must be addressed. Since, most likely, you will be living in the home while construction is underway, we will work with you on how we can minimalize the disruption to you throughout the duration of the project.