Project Description

In the fall of 2001 Don Ayres Honda reopened their new showroom and welcome area for the service department. We consider our company fortunate and blessed to be asked to partner with the Don Ayres group on that project and are happy to see how well the building has served them for these many years.

As the automotive industry progresses into offering new innovative and exciting products, the Don Ayres group have decided it is time to give their showroom a fresh contemporary look as well as expanding the capacity of the service department.

As part of the renovation, we will also be constructing a new car delivery addition that will enhance the comfort for new and returning customers. Another part of the project is extensive work to not only address on site drainage capacity but to improve their neighbor’s drainage as well.

The appreciation we have at Lynn Delagrange, Inc. for continuing the long relationship we have had with the Don Ayres family and employees, cannot be overstated. We are very excited to get going on this new project!