This area is blessed with many talented architects and designers from which to choose to design your dream home or commercial project. We respect their abilities and, through the years, have established very good working relationships with many of these professionals.

As an alternative, we do offer design services as well. In fact, Lynn has designed over half of the homes and conceptually designed many of the commercial projects that we have built since the company was established in 1985. This service is included for no fee if we are selected as your contractor for your project.

Over the years we have accumulated many plans of all types of homes and can use this portfolio as resource to offer suggestions based on your preferences. As Lynn explained in a recent blog, it is wise, in most cases, to have selected your home site prior to beginning the design phase of your custom project.

Lynn is currently using Softplan,  a powerful 3-dimensional CAD software program, to design and eventually produce working drawings of your project. This program enables Lynn to produce nearly photo-realistic renderings of your home placed on your lot. This is incredibly useful as an accurate depiction of how the proposed structure will appear in the real world. Renderings of interior areas of the home can be produced as well. The ability to present these renderings prior to construction is a tremendous advantage for the many customers who have difficulty translating how the home will appear from floor plans and two dimensional drawings.