Residential Homes

Unclogging Plumbing Fixture and Faucet Selections

You have made the decision to build a new home or remodel an existing bath or kitchen and are now asked to select plumbing fixtures and faucets for the project. You will quickly discover that gone are the days when only the very high-end homes are appointed with decorative plumbing fixtures and faucets. Although it is true that most fixtures and faucets are manufactured to operate in a similar way mechanically, with only minor variations, the style and finish can be very different and it is with the decorative variety that prices can vary substantially. The average plumbing budget for a [...]

Time Was

As our company enters its 30th year of designing, remodeling and building homes and commercial structures across northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio, I feel compelled to reflect on how much things have changed in the construction industry. Here are just some of the things that have changed since our company was founded:                          30 Years Ago - Today Formal living rooms and family rooms    -   Great rooms. 8’ high ceilings  -  9’ high ceilings or higher Low pitched simple roofs  -   High pitched multi-planed roofs Walk-thru [...]

Survey(or) Says

Although sometimes unappreciated, a professional surveyor is an important contributor to the successful outcome of your new home or existing home expansion and remodeling project. Among a surveyor’s  responsibilities, establishing lot lines and flood protection grades, drawing plot plans and staking buildings on the site are but a few of the crucial functions they perform. Although some of this work can be provided by someone less qualified, the penalty for even a seemingly minor  infraction can be severe and take a lot of time and money to remedy. Many times there is no choice but to position a new home [...]

Choosing a Climate Control System for Your New Home

It appears as though we are in for another rough winter and, as is the case with any extreme weather, this will raise our awareness of the importance of climate control in our homes. If you’re considering building a new home or contemplating replacing your existing system as part of a remodeling project, it will be helpful to do a little research to educate yourself on the types of systems that are available. Prior to beginning your decision making process you will need to establish what energy sources are available at your building site or existing home. Although electricity is [...]

Dem Bones

Framing lumber is the skeleton of the home and not unlike those in your body a home depends on good strong bones to withstand the stresses nature delivers. Since a new home’s framing is not seen when it is completed, it seems to be given only passing consideration by the customer during the planning process. Obviously this lack of emphasis on such a crucial element of construction is based, in my opinion, on the assumption that the builders whom one may be considering, generally use the same type and grade of lumber. That assumption may lead to one of the [...]