Building Site Selection Basics

There are significant differences between a developed subdivision lot and an undeveloped property and being aware of these basic differences should help in deciding which type of property works best for you. If you prefer a developed subdivision lot, public sewer and water are typically available but there will normally be a charge to hook up to these utilities. Public walks are also required on selected lots in a subdivision and if they are indeed required, you will be responsible for the installation and the cost thereof. As a practice we determine what those expenses will be and include them [...]

Deciding on Siding

While establishing the features you want to include in the construction of your new home, cottage or remodeling project, the type of siding to be used will need to be addressed. Obviously the type of material and color of the siding you select will have a tremendous impact on the curb appeal of your home, so it is advisable to educate yourself on the different products available. Prior to deciding on a siding product, there are some general considerations that you need to address that will be helpful in your decision making process. Since siding is exposed to weather extremes [...]

The Illusion of Square Footage Pricing

The question I’m asked with the greatest frequency is how much a house cost to build per square feet. Although this question is presented earnestly and with the expectation of a simple answer, I find it nearly impossible to offer a reply that is even remotely helpful to the questioner. As a wise realtor once quipped, “asking what the square foot cost is for a new home, is a bit like asking how much a bag of groceries cost”. Although it may seem to be a fair question, there are a multitude of factors that influence the square footage cost [...]

Choosing the Right Fireplace for You

Whether they are in use or not, fireplaces are the focal point of any room they are installed in. The fireplace is one feature in a new home that, at once, is a decorative fixture and a functional part of the home. It can help create ambience in a space and at the same time provide physical comfort. From the time our earliest ancestors discovered that fire could be controlled and used to their benefit, humans have been fascinated by its beauty and power. While learning the benefits of fire, it also became apparent to our predecessors that it could be [...]

Choosing a Stairway Balustrade

Stairway balustrades are one of the more prominent features of any multi-level home. Railing systems can be constructed with different materials and arranged in ways that serve to compliment the overall style that you desire in your new or remodeled home. Although there is a great amount of design flexibility for stairway railings, there are several building code requirements that will have an impact on the appearance of your railing. One of the codes that greatly influence the design of a railing system is the requirement that one must not be able to pass a 4” sphere through any part [...]