Lot or Home Design what comes first?

One of, if not the very first thing to consider when building a new home is the selection of the proper lot or building site. In most cases, I strongly recommend doing this even prior to selecting a home plan. Through experience we have learned that you will almost certainly end up with the building being much more harmonious with the site by picking the property first. Every property has unique features, some of which you may want to view from certain areas of the home and some features you may want to ignore. The lot may have a stunning [...]

Hollow core or solid core doors?

I recently had a conversation with a customer about the choice between hollow core and solid core interior doors. I thought it might be useful to share my thoughts on this subject. The following is a list of comparisons that may help guide with your decision. Durability: Common sense would dictate, with little dispute, that the s.c. (solid core) door will have an extended life beyond that of a h.c. (hollow core) door. The question would then be how much longer the s.c. door will last, as compared to the h.c. door. I’m unaware of any studies on the [...]